Who is really in charge here????


As a panel interviewing the body, various parts have spoken out and this is the feedback we have received.

The mouth is happily swallowing all sorts of processed foods these days and it is really messing with our internal digestive organs, so mouth, are you the most serious offender of our general well-being?

Or is it you, Mr. Mind. You are thinking all these collective thoughts daily, which are influencing our emotions and situations which the body is not able to process the bombardment of ‘stuff’ coming their way.

Each and every day I am faced with tensions…tensions and more tensions. I am awakened by a piercing sound of the alarm at an ungodly time of the morning; I fling myself into a quick shower, throw on that power suit as I have a critical meeting with the CEO this morning, grab a cup of coffee and dive into the car. In the traffic I am texting all the other members of the meeting reminding them the CEO will be waiting. I manipulate my metal “idol” through the heaving snakelike traffic alongside my fellow human with no contact as we suck up the belching pollution. We have forgotten each other in this morning manoeuvre as we dance to the city of labour.

It is at this workhouse where I spill my guts and disclose my inner core to this hungry corporate beast that feeds me with the worldly trappings of my desire. Even though the body is screaming stop I am relentless in the pursuit of the golden dream.

‘Hah!’ replies body, “if you stop and regroup your intention you will find yourself in paradise so consider the following …”

What happens if you don’t get enough oxygen?

Are you eating the right food… and right food is not Diet Cola and Mac Donald’s.

Is sleep just between 2am and 5am sufficient, where you toss and turn worrying about tomorrow?

The place called GYM, is that for fashion purposes or real exercise?

Is the cell phone a communication tool or the beginning of your brain tumour?

STOP…. Dear Body, and let’s find a solution to this modern technological illusion that we call society.

Ozone therapy could be your fountain of youth….


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Recipe for a green beginning:


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